Are we a pork industry or a pork community?

Although the term “industry” is commonly used when referring to a group of individuals involved in pig farming, we often relate to each other as a community due to our shared interests and goals: keeping our animals healthy and providing safe, quality pork. That’s what Pork Perspectives is all about. Sharing knowledge is critical as we seek new and better ways to improve how we farm and remain profitable.

Pork Perspectives is a place where leading experts share insights on industry topics such as pig disease, employee management, new technology and groundbreaking research and advocacy.

You’ll also learn about what influencers are talking about as it relates to food and agriculture. The Trending Topics section helps pork producers, veterinarians, nutritionists and others involved in pork production understand who these people are, what their views are on modern farming and those key points that will help improve their own efforts.

You work hard to provide good care for your pigs, and we at Zoetis are proud to help support you with quality vaccines, medicines and training programs that help you do your job well. We’re taking that support one step further by sharing information that applies directly to your business. We are one pork community, and sharing our collective knowledge benefits the entire industry. Join our Pork Perspectives community today to stay up to date on the latest posts. Please share your comments, too.