Pig Health

Caring for pigs and people

January 20, 2015

Amy Fogarty puts the care in caregiver. She’s a mother of three, former nurse and philanthropic organizer. It’s evident Fogarty puts the needs of others — including the pigs at Reicks View Farms — above her own.

It’s been an amazing journey, considering Fogarty never imagined she would pursue a career in the pork industry. “I was a certified nursing assistant at the time I started here, and green as a cucumber,” she said. “It’s amazing to see the maternal instincts we share with these animals, and having the opportunity to assist in the farrowing process is extremely rewarding.”

Fogarty has worked at Reicks View Farms in Lawler, Iowa, for nearly 10 years. As farrowing manager, she oversees daily care for 4,100 sows as well as supports and trains farm employees. Animal well-being is Fogarty’s top priority. She inspires her co-workers to adopt these same ethical principles. Her goal is to promote disease prevention by maintaining a healthy and stress-free environment for both newborn piglets and sows.

“But it’s not just about the pigs,” she says. “It’s about the people, too.”

Her devotion to her fellow caregivers is clear. When a farm employee was diagnosed with cancer, Fogarty organized a benefit that raised more than $30,000 to help pay for his treatments.

Fogarty’s compassion and commitment to her career and co-workers earned her a nomination from fellow employees at Reicks View Farms for the 2014 Honoring Caregivers program. If you know someone like Fogarty who embodies care on your farm, consider nominating him or her for the 2015 program.

(This is one in a series of profiles of five exemplary pig caregivers recognized by Zoetis in 2014 with the Honoring Caregivers award for their contributions to the pork industry.)