Farm Management

New technology built with safety, protocols and performance in mind

April 21, 2015

Pork producers who use IMPROVEST® (gonadotropin releasing factor analog – diphtheria toxoid conjugate) aren’t buying a product in a bottle. They are buying a complete program. This revolutionary technology requires an entirely different approach for marketing and evaluating its merits as an alternative production option.

Here’s a closer examination of how we manage pigs with IMPROVEST, beginning with the first dose. The first dose is administered to pigs between 9 and 16 weeks of age. It primes their immunological system. For this initial administration, let’s look at three key aspects: safety, protocols and performance.

  1. Safety. From the syringe to employee training, safety is a key focus in the administration of IMPROVEST. Zoetis developed a special, triple-safety syringe to minimize the risk of accidental self-injection. This is unlike any other livestock pharmaceutical device on the market. In addition, a comprehensive worker training program is mandatory for anyone who administers IMPROVEST®. The program outlines a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) verified quality assurance process for proper administration.
  2. Certified protocols. To give producers and employees confidence in the IMPROVEST process, an audited online tracking system verifies that the right pigs receive the proper dose at the right time. No guesswork is involved. This Web-based program documents, records and archives individual training and tracks and certifies all of the steps involved in the administration of IMPROVEST. It also has built-in safeguards to ensure that all USDA-verified protocol requirements are met.
  3. Performance. Between the first and second dose, intact males are allowed to grow to their natural potential. These metabolic phases offer opportunities for optimizing production efficiency and carcass characteristics. IMPROVEST reshapes the entire growth process, adding value to the male pig through dramatic improvements in feed efficiency and enabling added weight within the constraints of the packer buying program.

The IMPROVEST® program brings some changes to farming operations. The benefits far outweigh the investment. How much producers stand to gain depends largely on their willingness to understand all of the production changes and to modify their management and marketing procedures to capture the most value.

In future blog posts, we’ll discuss performance changes around the second dose, economic benefits and the positive sustainability story associated with IMPROVEST.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Pregnant women should not administer IMPROVEST®. Women of childbearing age should exercise extreme caution when administering this product. Exercise special care to prevent accidental self-injection because of negative effects on reproductive physiology in both men and women. However, there is no risk associated with consuming pork from animals administered this product. IMPROVEST® should not be used in female pigs, barrows, or male pigs intended for breeding. Click here for full Prescribing Information.